Beer Brewing



INFUSION MASHING - A traditional method for top-fermenting beer involving a single-step, single-temperature method employed to mash highly modified malt.

INTERNATIONAL BITTERNESS UNITS (IBU) - An international measurement system that represents the intensity of the beer's bitterness. This is a system of measuring bitterness devised by brewing scientists and is an accepted standard throughout the world. Homebrewers usually do not have the sophisticated equipment to measure actual IBUs and often use a system of Homebrew Bitterness Units to closely approximate the desired bitterness in their beer.

INVERT SUGAR - Processed common sugar (sucrose) obtained industrially by the inversion of sucrose with dilute acid, usually sulfuric acid, into equal parts of glucose and fructose. It does not contain dextrins and can be used as an adjunct or for priming.