Beer Brewing



RACKING - The process of transferring beer from one vessel to another.

REAL ATTENUATION - The attenuation of beer after alcohol and carbon dioxide is removed. Real attenuation will always be a lower number than the apparent attenuation. In the brewing industry only the apparent attenuation is used to measure the progress of fermentation. Formula: A = (B-b)/B x 100 where A equals real attenuation and B equals original gravity in degrees B or degrees P and b equals specific gravity of beer devoid of alcohol and carbon dioxide.

REINHEITSGEBOT - "Purity Law" applied to all German brewers making beer for consumption in their own country. It only allows water, hops, malt (barley and wheat), and yeast for brewing beer. Chemical additives, sugar, rice, corn, and unmalted barley are prohibited.

RESIN - Noncrystalline (amorphous) plant excretions.

ROPY FERMENTATION - Viscous, gelatinous blobs, or "rope," from bacterial contamination.

RUH BEER - A nearly fermented beer, ready for lagering with some yeast present following the completion of the primary fermentation.

RUN-OFF - The complete lautering operation (straining of wort from grains); the time of run-off is an important factor.