Chapter 6

Beer Adjuncts

Types of of Adjuncts

Cereal adjuncts can either be added to the cereal cooker, the mash tun or directly to the brew kettle.

Cooker Mash

Cooker mash adjuncts consist of non-gelatinized cereal products (meal, grits, flour, or dry starch) whose starches are in their native forms. A non-gelatinized adjunct needs to be heated in a separate cereal cooker to complete liquefaction since the starch gelatinization temperature of the adjunct is higher than that used for the malt saccharification (starch hydrolysis) temperature. The cooked adjunct is then added directly to the mash in the mash tun.

Mash Tun

The adjunct can be mashed directly with the malt in the mash tun in two ways: 1) when the starch gelatinization temperature of the adjunct is lower than the malt saccharification temperature required for mashing or 2) when the adjunct has been pre-gelatinized (e.g., for flakes, torrified cereals, and refined starches).


Kettle adjuncts consist of syrups and sucrose sugar. These are sometimes called "wort extenders" because of the extract they readily contain.

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