Chapter 8

Malt Milling

Sieve Analysis of Crushed Malt

Not only is the grist profile critical to achieving maximum conversion of available extract during mashing but it is also important for efficient wort filtration and sparging. Consequently, a complete screen analysis of the crushed malt when milling should be made on a regular schedule, with any adverse change in the mill's performance warranting an immediate correction.

Screen analysis consists in placing a sample of grist in the top set of horizontal sieves, which is shaken manually or mechanically for a set period of time.

Mashing Systems

Typically, the malt is ground coarser for infusion systems than those used in more intensive mashing programs, such as temperature-controlled and decoction mashes. An infusion mash tun requires barley husks remain relatively undamaged, because they are needed to provide a filter medium for the removal of solid material from the wort.

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