Beer Brewing



GELATINIZATION - Gelatinization is the physical breakup and dispersal of starch molecules in water, making them more accessible to enzymatic attack.

GERMINATION - Sprouting of the barley kernel, to initiate enzyme development and conversion of the malt.

GLUCOSE - An important building block of carbohydrates typically making up 8 to 10% of wort sugars. Pure, commercial glucose, sometimes called dextrose, always contains a certain amount of dextrins which, being unfermentable, remain in the beer and give it a sweet, mellow flavor. Syn: dextrose; corn sugar.

GRAIN BILL - The list of grains and their amounts used for a recipe.

GRANT - A grant is a small vessel to which wort is directed from the mash tun for visual and hydrometer inspection.

GREEN BEER - After primary fermentation, beer is called green beer.

GRIST - The crushed malts and adjuncts that are mixed with hot water to form the mash.

GYLE - That portion of unfermented beer wort that is reserved for or added to finished beer for conditioning (carbonation).