Beer Brewing



WATER HARDNESS - The degree of hardness of water caused by the presence of mineral elements dissolved into it. It is expressed in parts of calcium carbonate per million (ppm) of water.

WETTING AGENT - It is a substance that reduces the surface tension of water to increase penetration of cleaning solutions to all surfaces.

WHIRLPOOL - A whirlpool is used to physically eliminate cloudy protein elements.

WHOLE (LEAF) HOPS - Hops that have been dried but retain their natural shape and bulk.

WILD YEAST - Any yeast strain that is not deliberately selected and introduced into the beer by the brewer.

WORT - The solution of malt sugars, proteins, and other substances that is produced by mashing.

WORT CLARITY - Clarity of wort obtained from lautering.

WORT GELATIN - Culture medium made up from wort as a nutrient source and gelatin to solidify it, for surface culturing yeast.