Beer Brewing



HEFE - German word for yeast and the first part of the term Hefeweizen, the name for the German wheat beer.

HETEROFERMENTATIVE - Organisms whose metabolic activities lead to a wide range of products including acids, alcohols, and carbon dioxide.

HOMEBREW BITTERNESS UNITS (HBU) - Homebrew Bitterness Units are a measure of the total amount of bitterness potential in a given volume of beer. Homebrew Bitterness Units are calculated by multiplying the percent of alpha acid in the hops by the number of ounces. For example, if 2 ounces of Northern Brewer hops (9% alpha acid) and 3 ounces of Cascade hops (5% alpha acid) were used in a 10-gallon batch, the total amount of bitterness units would be 33: (2 x 9) + (3 x 5) =18 + 15. Bitterness units per gallon would be 3.3 in a 10-gallon batch or 6.6 in a 5-gallon batch, so it is important to note volumes whenever expressing Homebrew Bitterness Units. HBUs are not related to IBUs (International Bitterness Units). HBU is a measure of alpha acids added to the boil, whereas IBU represents a measurement of the intensity of the bitterness of the beer.

HOMOFERMENTATIVE - Organisms whose metabolic activities lead to only a single product, usually an organic acid.

HOPBACK - Sieve-like vessel used to strain out the hops. It is known as a hop jack in the United States.

HOPPY - Characteristic odor of the essential oil of hops.

HOP EXTRACT - Bitter resins and hop oils extracted from hops by organic solvents, usually methylene chloride or hexane.

HOP OILS - Hop oils are responsible to a large extent for the characteristic aroma of hops, and thus are an important aspect in brewing value. Like all essential oils, they are very volatile and are largely lost by steam evaporation during the boil.

HOP PELLETS - Hop pellets are nothing more than whole hops mechanically pro­cessed by compressing and extruding the hops into pellets.

HOP RATE - The quantity of hops to be added to a given volume of wort during boiling.

HOT BREAK - The coagulation and precipitation of protein matter during the boiling stage.

HUMULONE - One of the three major components of alpha acids found in hops that contributes to the bittering power.

HYDROMETER - A very simple device to measure the specific grav­ity of liquids. Because the hydrometer was first calibrated using a sucrose solution, the hydrometer is also called a saccharometer.